Wonderpants Rocky Rumble

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Get thrown and destroy everything in your path


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Wonderpants Rocky Rumble is a 2D arcade game similar to Burrito Bison, Bouncemasters!, and Super Toss The Turtle, where you throw a friendly character through the air, trying to get it as far as possible. And if along the way you kill your enemy's soldiers, then all the better.

Gameplay in Wonderpants Rocky Rumble is simple. First you throw your character, the intrepid Boulder Cobblestone, as far as you can. To do so, all you have to do is tap the screen at just the right moment. After that, you can jump up to three times by tapping the screen again. And if you land a punch against your enemies, you can jump one more time.

The further you go, the more coins you'll earn. And with these coins, you can buy all kinds of improvements for your character. You can make him more aerodynamic, more elastic, or harder. Each of these improvements helps you jump further and earn more coins to get more improvements, and so on.

Wonderpants Rocky Rumble is a crazy arcade game with fun characters and excellent graphics. It's super entertaining, allowing you to play quick rounds without too much concentration.